Friday, June 4, 2010

Can You Feel It

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."

You keep thinking that you'll be treated the same way you've treated others, only to find out that things are never what it looks like. Perhaps you've already said it before but others just don't get it because somehow they think you're over-reacting, but the truth is, it always stays there no matter how much you try to ignore it.

It's because of the fact that it happened many times before that made the fear come alive, yet even with much explanation, it gets through to no one. You think that by giving it your all, everything else will just fade. What a stupid thought.

You tell yourself that this time it would be different, but who are you fooling? And maybe it is but at the other end of it, it's just the same old routine coming in a different way. It's time to wake up from this little fantasy you've been hoping for. You should have listened to that voice inside of you, it knew what was coming but your stubborn-ness decided to ignore it and look at where you're at now. Earphones on and singing your heart out. You really should have listened.

A get away.
It may not be what I want,
But maybe it's just what I need.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No U-Turn

Just a little to update this dead blog..

My weekends have been full, literally but it's been awesome! And somehow there's this joy in me that I can't seem to explain :D Nevertheless, here's a little something on the current crossroads...

Wait, before that,
It's the weekends again. How can I not love it ;D

Everyday we're being thrown face to face with decisions we have to make. Whether it's just something small for tomorrow or for the distant future, every decision made affects our future one way or another. It's the time of my life again where every answer I found would lead to another even bigger question. Afraid of making the wrong choice, I turn to my best friend who speaks to me through my conscious, hoping I'd find the answer hidden deep within.

Now, with everything stirring up in front of me, I try to stop it for even just a tick, but like a storm in a tornado, my efforts are simply being flushed down by the mere pressure of time. If only time could stop for just a moment, I'd wish to go back to that few minutes where the noise of the world was being overpowered by my favourite song. Because just for that moment, the whole world seemed to fade away like dust.

I'm not saying this plaintively but actually with much joy and doubt. I've become fatigue on this same ceaseless question for some time and I wish there was a direct remedy to it. Like a kid standing hoverly in the middle of the field, I wonder what to do next. What if what I think is right isn't really what's best for me?

We're being led on what we should aim for now. Mid-terms, Trials and SPM. Then what's next? It's time to grow up Jelly, make a choice, dream big, have an aim, and stick with it. It's okay to dream because dreams lead you to places you think you'll never reach. No one has to know what they are. Fly high, even without wings. You've got one shot.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April's Must-Do's

  • Start chemistry tuition, whether I like it or not
  • Start Practical
  • Start those long-time planned-plans with Am & Val
  • Go for rock climbing again, it's been so long :(
  • Catch up on all the many movies I've missed

5 Things I miss:




Christmas by the beach

Last August @ Krabi :')

I like ODJ, I want one of my own.
Dreams do much good, even when they're unfulfilled :]

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memories of 2 Years Ago

CK & I have been lots of conversation lately about those time we had back in 08 with 3Kem. We were so united, almost like a family. I know our blog died, but like promised before, even if the blog dies, we wouldn't delete it. It's really nice to think about those times once in a while, and surprisingly those videos are still on youtube! Can't believe we were only Form3 back then and now we're Form 5. Oh how the memory lasts.

Kembhang Dance @ Cope Adventure

Guitar Hero Session @ Mak's

Water Blast Session

After PMR Celebration @ OU

"Family Potrait" on our last day

Redbox Session @ Curve


Shu Fei's Farewell

Paintball @ Ulu Langat

To all you 3Kem08 people out there, I know it's been so long but to come to think of it, I miss you guys :) I'm still waiting on our Camp in those air-conditioned tents :D

3Kempas08 =')
I still remember the conversation we had about the class blog's name.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


At 12am later, it's gonna be a sesated person's birthday. I'll keep it really short so all I can say is you've been awesome. Thanks for always being there and most of all, thanks for being such an amazing friend :)

Aha, I remember this XD Super Classic.
Even though you're one year elder now, you'll always have an exceptional sense of direction =p