Friday, June 4, 2010

Can You Feel It

"Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps."

You keep thinking that you'll be treated the same way you've treated others, only to find out that things are never what it looks like. Perhaps you've already said it before but others just don't get it because somehow they think you're over-reacting, but the truth is, it always stays there no matter how much you try to ignore it.

It's because of the fact that it happened many times before that made the fear come alive, yet even with much explanation, it gets through to no one. You think that by giving it your all, everything else will just fade. What a stupid thought.

You tell yourself that this time it would be different, but who are you fooling? And maybe it is but at the other end of it, it's just the same old routine coming in a different way. It's time to wake up from this little fantasy you've been hoping for. You should have listened to that voice inside of you, it knew what was coming but your stubborn-ness decided to ignore it and look at where you're at now. Earphones on and singing your heart out. You really should have listened.

A get away.
It may not be what I want,
But maybe it's just what I need.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you try following what you want instead of what you think is right? How can you be so sure the outcome is the same when nothing in the future is written in stone? There should at least be a little trust, trust for others and for yourself, trust that things will become better. When you give it your all, everything else might not fade but at the very least you can proudly tell yourself you have done all you can. Are you really that affraid that what occured to you in the past will become your present or your future? It might be the same, or it could be something that could change your life. But if you don't give yourself the chance, then its already a lost battle before you begin. Life is full of challanges, and overcoming them is what makes the soul stronger, hiding is never the best option. When times are hard, a friend is exactly what you need. Do not be afraid to tell your secrets. It'll feel much better if you can share your problem.

This might not be your answer, this might not even be related to your problem. It's just my two cents. But i whole heartedly hope for the best for you.